Ember Fund: A Fun Way to Earn Free Bitcoin

Ember Fund: Earn Free Bitcoins. Starts at 18 Satoshi/hour !

Update 05/16/2024: Improved earnings! Now you can earn 18 Satoshi/hour (equals to ~ $21/month) when you register using the promo code MNGXOWK01AD ! Just enter the code during the signup process or in 5 days after signup going on “Profile” –> “Settings” –> “Enter Access Code”. With the new possibility of earning satoshis as a form of cashback by scanning receipts for products we normally buy at the grocery store (such as Clorox and ice cream) as well as visiting some websites and trying out some apps, we were easily able to make ~$100/month worth of Bitcoins!

Ever wondered if you could earn Bitcoin without breaking the bank or getting tangled up in the complex world of crypto trading? You’re in the right place! Ember Fund is an app that not only lets you manage a crypto portfolio but also gives you fun ways to earn Bitcoin for free. It’s like having your crypto cake and eating it too! Let’s break down how you can start padding your digital wallet with Satoshis (that’s the smallest unit of Bitcoin, by the way)!, all with a few taps on your phone.

🌟 Start Mining Bitcoin with Just a Tap

Imagine earning Bitcoin just by tapping a button. Sounds too good to be true? Ember Fund’s cornerstone feature is its free Bitcoin mining capability. You literally log in, hit the “Start Earning Bitcoin” button, and voilà – you’re mining Bitcoin for the next 24 hours. The mining rate is influenced by several factors, including your country and additional activities within the app, like inviting friends or investing in portfolios. To supercharge your earnings, don’t forget to use our exclusive code MNGXOWK01AD to receive a mining boost (increasing your base rate to as much as 18 Sats per hour) and check in daily to keep the mining going. It’s super simple and a great way to start earning without any hassle.

🎮 Enter Free Tournaments

Now, for the fun part – earning Bitcoin by joining free tournaments! Ember Fund also hosts free tournaments where users can engage in crypto portfolio competitions. Entry is typically free, offering a fun and risk-free method to learn about crypto investment and potentially win cash prizes. Some tournaments carry an entry fee but promise higher rewards, balancing the risk with the possibility of greater earnings.

📊 Surveys, Microtasks, and Getting Paid to Play

A recent addition to Ember Fund’s earning repertoire includes paid surveys and microtasks found under the “Play” section. These include games, visiting websites, scanning receipts, trying games, subscribe to products and so on. There is no real limit on how many satoshi you can earn. Some apps and games pay up to 300-400k satoshi, and cashback on many products you normally buy at the grocery store will range up to 10k satoshi/product! If you’ve got some free time, why not fill out some surveys or complete microtasks on Ember Fund? It’s an easy way to boost your earnings. And the coolest part – getting paid to play games, scan receipts, visit websites and try out new apps. It turns your leisure time into a productive (and profitable) endeavor.

🔮 Try Your Luck with Predictions

Feeling lucky? The “Predictions” feature invites users to forecast outcomes of current events, adding a speculative twist to earning opportunities. It’s a bit of a gamble since there’s a tiny entry fee, but the thrill of winning based on your predictions is pretty exhilarating. It’s a fun way to engage with current events and potentially earn from your insights, albeit with a cautionary note on the risk of losing the entry fee.

🙋 Earn with Friends

Ember Fund acknowledges the power of community and incentivizes users to earn Bitcoin alongside their friends. By referring friends to the platform, users can unlock additional earning opportunities and increase their mining rate by 16 satoshi/hour for every friend invited !

💰 Cashing Out: From Satoshis to Savings

The pathway to withdrawing your mined Bitcoin is straightforward once you accumulate at least $5 worth of Satoshis. Ember Fund facilitates the transfer of your digital earnings to your Bitcoin wallet, allowing you to reinvest within the app or withdraw to an external wallet, ensuring flexibility in managing your crypto earnings. To withdraw your earnings you will need to participate in 5 microtasks or tournaments in the month you are requesting to get your bitcoins transferred to your external waller. This is as easy as quickly visiting 5 websites, which can be done in literally 2 minutes. One of the key features of Ember Fund is that it’s a non-custodial wallet. This means users maintain control over their cryptocurrency; the private keys are held by the users themselves, not by Ember Fund. This approach enhances security, as the assets are not held in a centralized exchange that could be a target for hackers. Given the non-custodial nature of the wallet, security is a significant focus. Users are responsible for safeguarding their private keys, but the app provides guidance and best practices to help ensure assets are protected against unauthorized access.

💼 From Earning to Investing

Now, what to do with all that Bitcoin you’ve earned? You’ve got choices! Use your earnings to invest into Ember Fund’s crypto portfolios, or cash out to your Bitcoin wallet when you hit the $5 mark. Ember Fund opens the door to investing in crypto and crypto portfolios (some portfolios charge a 3% annual management fee) directly within the app. This feature is aimed at users ready to use their earnings or add additional funds to invest.

💸 Earning Potential: Keeping It Real

Let’s be real for a sec – Ember Fund isn’t going to make you a crypto millionaire overnight. But it’s a fantastic way to dip your toes into the world of Bitcoin without any upfront costs. Patience is key when mining, but engaging with Ember Fund’s diverse earning methods can expedite reaching significant amount of money. Just by referring a couple of friends and scanning receipts from the grocery store for products we normally buy (such as Clorox, ice creams etc) we were able to accumulate way over $100 worth of satoshis/month. Overall, we find the app an excellent tool for earning extra Bitcoin passively. Its mobile-only platform ensures compatibility across Android and iOS devices, providing a user-friendly experience. It’s pretty rewarding to see your earnings grow over time in a passive way or through fun activities.

🌎 Who Can Join the Fun?

Curious if Ember Fund is available in your country? A quick look in your app store will tell you. If it’s there, you’re all set to get started. Signing up is a breeze – just your email, username, and password, and you’re off to the races.

🤝 Getting Help and Joining the Community

Got questions? Ember Fund has an easy-to-navigate Help Center and an active community on Discord ready to assist you. It’s like having a crypto buddy by your side, guiding you through your earning journey.

🌟 Ready to Get Started?

Earning Bitcoin doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With Ember Fund, it’s all about having fun, learning a bit about crypto, and seeing your digital wallet grow. Tap the link below to join Ember Fund and get a mining boost. Or download the app from the Apple Store and enter the following code MNGXOWK01AD when you register or in the “Enter Access Code” section of the app. Your adventure in earning free Bitcoin starts now!

Join Ember Fund & Start Your Bitcoin Earning Adventure – Use our Code MNGXOWK01AD to receive a Mining Boost of 18 Satoshi/hour!

Final Thoughts

Ember Fund stands as a legitimate crypto app that marries the ease of earning Bitcoin with the excitement of crypto investments. With continuous improvements and an expanding array of earning methods, it offers a passive way to venture into the world of cryptocurrency. With the right expectations and a diversified approach to using the app you can unlock new financial potentials without the need for upfront investment.

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