M1 Finance - Transfer and Sign Up Bonuses

M1 Finance Offer: $500 Deposit Bonus + $15,000 Transfer Offer!

Elevate your financial management with M1 Finance, a versatile investing app that’s now offering enticing bonuses to new and existing users! With M1, you gain access to a unique platform blending self-directed trading with automated investing. Whether you’re actively managing your portfolio or prefer a hands-off approach, M1 caters to all styles.

Sign up now and earn up to a $500 bonus by making qualifying deposits. Got $5,000? Deposit it in your new M1 account and keep it there for 30 days to snag a $100 bonus. Or, transfer your existing brokerage account to M1 and be eligible for up to a staggering $15,000 bonus. This unparalleled opportunity is perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their investment journey with a powerful, user-friendly platform​.

Offer 1: Sign-up Bonus (Up to $500)

Deposit AmountYour Bonus
$10,000 – $29,999.99$75
$30,000 – $49,999.99$150
$50,000 – $99,999.99$250

To secure a $500 sign-up bonus with M1 Finance, follow these steps:

  1. Open a free M1 Brokerage Account here.
  2. Within 14 days of signing up, make one or more deposits totaling at least $10,000.
  3. Expect to receive a bonus of up to $500 within 180 days of opening your account.

Offer #2: M1 $100 Referral Bonus 

Secure a $100 cash bonus by opening an M1 account, depositing a minimum of $5,000, and maintaining that balance for 30 days. This is an excellent chance to boost your investment with M1 Finance while enjoying an additional monetary reward.

To get the $100 bonus with M1 Finance, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open an M1 brokerage account here for the $100 sign-up bonus offer.
  2. Make an initial deposit of at least $5,000 within 30 days of opening your account.
  3. You’ll receive the $100 bonus within 14 days after fulfilling the offer requirements.

Remember, this bonus is applicable to taxable M1 brokerage accounts only. Tax-advantaged accounts like IRAs or Roth IRAs are not eligible. For complete details and terms, refer to the offer’s terms and conditions.

Offer #3: M1 Transfer Bonus (up to $15,000)

M1 Finance’s Transfer Bonus offers up to $15,000. Here’s how to claim it:

  1. Open an M1 account and initiate a brokerage account transfer using this link within 30 days.
  2. Select the account type and the brokerage you’re transferring from.
  3. Provide your brokerage account details for M1 to process the transfer.
  4. Depending on the amount transferred, receive a bonus up to $15,000 in your M1 account on August 15, 2024.

Note: This offer, valid until November 15, 2023, is separate from the M1 referral bonus and cannot be combined with other ACATS transfer promotions during the same period.

Transfer AmountYour Bonus
$100,000 – $249,999.99$250
$250,000 – $499,999.99$1,000
$500,000 – $999,999.99$2,000
$1,000,000 – $1,999,999.99$4,000
$2,000.000 – $4,999,999.99$10,000

Offer #4: M1 Retirement Rollover (up to $5,000)

M1 Finance’s Retirement Rollover Offer gives you the opportunity to earn up to $5,000. Here’s how:

  • Roll over your retirement plan (401k, 403b, or other employer-sponsored plans) to M1.
  • Depending on the transfer amount, you can earn bonuses ranging from $250 to $5,000.
  • This offer is open to both new and existing customers until November 15, 2023.
Transfer AmountYour Bonus
$50,000 – $99,999$250
$100,000 – $249,999$500
$250,000 – $499,999$1,000
$500,000 – $999,999$2,500

To receive the M1 Transfer Bonus for rolling over your retirement plan, follow these steps:

  1. Open an M1 IRA account and begin the rollover process here.
  2. Contact your current plan provider to initiate the rollover.
  3. Instruct them to make a check payable to Apex Clearing FBO – [YOUR NAME].
  4. Request guaranteed mail delivery to Apex Clearing c/o BPO, 350 North St. Paul Street #1300, Dallas, TX 75201.
  5. The funds should arrive in your M1 account within one to two weeks.
  6. A one-time rollover bonus of up to $5,000 will be credited to your M1 account on July 31, 2024.

This M1 Retirement Rollover Offer is distinct from the M1 referral promotion, allowing you to participate in both. However, it’s important to note that this offer cannot be combined with any other ACATS transfer promotion that might be available concurrently. This ensures exclusivity and maximum benefit from each individual offer.

Offer #5: M1 Crypto

M1 Finance has introduced M1 Crypto, allowing investors to create and manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. This service offers both custom and pre-built Expert Crypto Pies for diversified crypto investing. Like M1’s brokerage accounts, M1 Crypto includes automated investing, dynamic rebalancing, and scheduled investing features, with crypto assets securely held in a separate custodial wallet by Apex Crypto.

It’s important to note that investing in cryptocurrency carries substantial risk and may not suit everyone. Evaluate your financial situation and risk tolerance before diving into crypto investments. Remember, cryptocurrencies are not protected by FDIC or SIPC insurance. For more information and disclosures, visit m1.com/crypto-disclosures. M1 Digital LLC, offering M1 Crypto, operates separately from M1 Finance LLC.

Offer #6: $100 Friend Referral

Refer your friends to M1 Finance and both of you can earn rewards! Here’s how:

  1. Open your M1 Dashboard in the mobile app or click on your name on the website.
  2. Click on ‘Refer & Earn’. (Note: This option is available only if your account is funded.)
  3. Enroll in the referral program and select the account for receiving bonuses.
  4. Every time a friend signs up through your referral, funds their portfolio with at least $5,000, and maintains it for 30 days, you earn a $100 cash bonus and six months of M1 Plus. Your friend also gets $100 and a three-month M1 Plus trial.

Bonuses will be credited to your chosen M1 account within 14 days after your referral meets the offer conditions.

In Conclusion

M1 Finance’s $100 referral bonus is a straightforward and easy-to-achieve option, especially appealing if you’re starting with a smaller investment. The tiered sign-up bonus, on the other hand, offers greater rewards for those able to deposit larger sums.

The transfer offer might be less attractive due to its high asset requirements and the relatively modest bonus in relation to the amount transferred and the six-month holding period.

M1 Finance stands out in its market segment by not charging a fee for its robo-advisor services, unlike competitors such as Wealthfront, which charges a 0.25% fee. While Wealthfront offers more guidance and assistance, M1’s value proposition is notable for cost-effective automated investing.

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