We Tried Wrapify: Our In-Depth Review of This Unique Side Hustle which Netted Us up to $1500 in a Month

We Tried Wrapify: Our In-Depth Review of This Unique Side Hustle Which Netted Us up to $1500 in a Month

The search for flexible side hustles led us to Wrapify, a platform that pays drivers to wrap their cars with advertisements. Eager to understand its potential, we decided to give it a try and share our experience with you. Here’s our detailed journey with Wrapify, from sign-up to wrap removal.

How Wrapify Works:

Our journey began by signing up on the Wrapify website and downloading their app. The app required GPS access to track our driving for the initial evaluation period. As frequent commuters, covering about 40 miles each way, we were quickly matched with a campaign after just one round trip.

Campaign Offers and Earnings:

The variety of campaign options offered by Wrapify was one of the first things that caught our attention. They range from a modest small decal to a complete car wrap, each coming with its own pay scale. We opted for a partial wrap campaign, which seemed like a good balance between visibility and vehicle aesthetics. The campaign covered a significant area around Chicago, where we could earn a base pay. Intriguingly, there was an enhanced pay zone located in downtown Chicago, promising higher returns for driving in that area. We calculated that by strategically splitting our driving time between these two zones, we could potentially earn around $10 each day. This required some planning and adjustment to our daily routes, but the potential for increased earnings made it an exciting challenge.

The Wrap Installation Experience:

Our appointment for the wrap installation was a unique experience in itself. We adhered to the pre-installation guidelines, ensuring our car was clean to provide the best surface for the wrap. Arriving at the nearest Wrapify location early in the morning, we were greeted by a team of professionals. The process was more intricate than we had anticipated. It wasn’t just about applying a wrap; it involved careful placement and adjustment to align perfectly with the contours of our car. Additionally, a critical component of the installation was setting up a small device in our vehicle. This device was essential for tracking our mileage, which was the basis for our payment. The installation took about four hours, during which we had the opportunity to speak with the installers and learn more about the durability and care of the wrap. By noon, our car had transformed into a mobile billboard, ready to hit the streets and start earning.

Tracking Mileage and Getting Paid:

The moment our car was wrapped, the real journey with Wrapify began. The app, once a mere tracker of our driving habits, now became the lifeline of our earnings. It logged every mile we drove, transforming each route into an earning opportunity. We quickly learned the importance of keeping the app active and ensuring our phone’s GPS was functioning correctly. This was crucial for accurate mileage tracking, as even small discrepancies could affect our payments.

Wrapify’s payment system was straightforward yet required attentiveness on our part. Earnings were deposited directly into our account bi-weekly, which we found convenient and efficient. However, an integral part of maintaining our income stream involved regularly submitting photos of our wrapped car through the app. These submissions were vital in confirming that the advertisement was intact and visible, ensuring we complied with the campaign requirements.

We encountered a minor setback when we missed one of these photo submissions. The oversight led to a temporary pause in our earnings, which was a bit disconcerting at first. However, we quickly rectified the situation by submitting the required photos, and our earnings resumed as usual. This experience underscored the importance of being diligent with the app’s requirements. It is a key part of our agreement with Wrapify and the advertisers.

In summary, while the Wrapify app required regular attention and maintenance, it offered an efficient way to track our driving and earnings. The bi-weekly payment schedule, coupled with the app’s clear reporting, made the whole process of getting paid both simple and gratifying. It turned our ordinary driving habits into a profitable venture, making every mile count.

Additional Campaign Opportunities (SWARMS): 

One of the most lucrative aspects of our Wrapify experience was participating in SWARM events. These events are special promotional drives where multiple Wrapify drivers converge in a specific, high-traffic area for a designated period. We had the opportunity to join a SWARM in downtown Chicago during a major Thanksgiving parade, which was an eye-opening experience. The streets were bustling, and the visibility was immense. Not only did we contribute to a high-impact advertising campaign, but we also earned a remarkable $140 per hour. The feeling of being part of a coordinated marketing effort was truly unique. The pay-off for these events was substantial, making them a highlight of our Wrapify journey.

Personal Experiences and Earnings:

During our time with Wrapify, our earnings varied based on our driving habits and participation in campaigns. On average, we found ourselves earning between $145 to $170 monthly, which aligned well with our regular commuting routes. However, our participation in SWARM events significantly boosted our earnings. For instance, during a planned three-day SWARM event, we dedicated about 4 hours each day, which turned out to be highly profitable. In total, these ~12 hours of targeted driving during the event netted us an impressive $1520. This substantial increase in earnings was a game-changer, demonstrating the potential of Wrapify when combined with strategic driving during high-profile events. These experiences not only augmented our income but also gave us a new perspective on the power of mobile advertising and strategic marketing initiatives.

Customer Service and Wrap Removal:

Throughout our experience, Wrapify’s customer service was prompt and helpful, addressing our queries efficiently. At the end of our four-month campaign, we scheduled the wrap removal. The process was quick and left no damage to our car. We submitted final photos of the removed wrap to complete the campaign and received our last payment without issues.


Our time with Wrapify turned out to be more than just an experiment; it became a fruitful side hustle. With flexible options, decent pay, especially with SWARM events, and a straightforward process, Wrapify is a viable option for those seeking additional income. We’re looking forward to joining another campaign soon and recommend it to anyone comfortable with turning their car into a mobile billboard.

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